Council Tax Single Person Discount

This form is for applying or cancelling a Single Person Discount.

Guidance Notes

Please do not use this form for a change in address, please use the following link -

  • If only one person, aged 18 or over, lives in your property as their sole or main residence, you may be entitled to a discount of 25% off your bill.
  • A person's sole or main residence for council tax purposes is the property where they would normally reside. A partner or family member, for example, who is absent from the property, even for a long duration , may not change that persons sole or main residence for council tax.
  • You should apply for a discount or exemption when you first become entitled.
  • We will not usually backdate a discount or exemption more than a short period unless you have a very good reason for not applying at the right time and can provide good documentary evidence to support your application.
  • Not realising that you needed to apply is not a good reason as information regarding the discounts are made available on our bills, leaflets and website.
  • Council tax bills state you must tell us within 21 days of any changes that affect the amount of council tax you pay.
  • You may fill this form in on behalf of the council tax payer, however you must declare your name and contact details.

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